R-Tech Global is the distributor of TOKINARC in Malaysia.

We supply a wide range of TOKINARC products.

Wire Cutter

Anti-Spatter Solution Sprayer

Anti-Spatter Solution


Wire Changer Unit

Automatic changes between wire and gas can be accomplished by placing two feeders equipped with a switching unit onto one Yaskawa Electric robot and one digital welder. Through  the use of a motor equipped with an encoder, the setting of the amound of wire retraction or feeding is made possible. Setting the amount of retraction and feeding to the same values will result in a constant length of wire protrusion, allowing you immediately start welding.

High-speed automatic wire changes
High-speed automatic changes between equal-diameter and unequal- diameter wines (*1) are made posible. At the same time, two types of shielding gases can be changed.

Space-savings around the arm
A space-saving congifuration has been accomplished through the use of a newly developed special cable and a dedicated torch.

A single digital welder supports various types of welding
It can change between short-circuiting and pluse welding of course; it also supports aluminum and SUS welding. Signals from the robot controller enable changes in wires and welding conditions.
(*1: APC is required for unequal-diameter wire changes.)

Servo Torch

High-Speed and Stable wire feeding for small gauge wire and aluminum wire.

Automatic Torches

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