Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

manage all manufacturing data


Full Visibility on Production Floor

Having a CCTV alone is not enough to view what is happening on the production floor. Are the machine running as per normal rate? Did your operators perform their job as per standard? What is the reject rate of the current running production order? Is it too late to do recovery job until you see the scrap report by end of shift? Most modern machine provides HMI to view all the data, but they are unable to represent one glance view for all machines in the line. InfoHub solutions is able to collect and compile data, from human input, to manual switches, to sensor data from IIoT components. Our clients are able to view comprehensive, immediate, production information on their TV screen via our Visual Management modules, from anywhere so that they could make decision before the reports were compiled。

Business Intelligence Reports

We believe that: Data collected is worth nothing until you are able to interprets it. Our customers benefits from having interactive reports, designed by our in house consultant to suit the exact need of their situation, in order for our customer to have a one glance and quick grasp of what is happening in their production floor, using our smart reports.