Robo-MicorMIG Series

The affordable start into robot welding

Simple to integrate

Sophisticated interface technology and a host of different mechanical add-on parts allow for a combination with nearly all major robot systems.


It has never been easier to adjust a welding system to the constantly changing requirements in the welding industry and to add on welding processes, ­welding programs and features that will streamline your workflows. 

MicorBoost technology

The unparalleled MIG-MAG all-rounder capabilities offered by ­MicorBoost technology are just as impressive during robot welding. They deliver exceptional arc stability and outstanding mixed gas and CO₂ welding characteristics.

From exceptionally  simple to … whatever you need

Sporting a no-frills design (feeder, interfaces and operation), the Robo-MicorMIG offers an affordable start into the world of robot welding, while letting you opt for a great number of functions and equipment options if you need them.

Comprehensive  interface  technology

Highly advanced interface connectivity supports all common fieldbus and industrial Ethernet systems along with analogue-digital interfaces.

Innovative  upgrade concept

The Robo-MicorMIG can easily be adapted to ever increasing welding requirements by means of NFC technology. It is now possible at any time to upload welding processes, welding programs and functions that boost performance in addition to streamlining your workflow. Thanks to the Robo-MicorMIG you can rest assured that you are always up to date: now and for challenges yet to come.