A7 mig welder is the state-of-the-art solution for robotics arc welding, ideal for integration with any robot brand. It is a complete, perfectly balanced process package that includes a welding gun, wire feeder, power source, and cooling unit. The equipment is designed to meet the highest kemppi standards, which guarantee reliable welding performance with no compromises.

The kemppi wise software provides added value for customers by significantly improving welding speed, boosting production efficiency, and enabling the same equipment to be used for a variety of welding tasks.

The system’s modern, browser-based user interface allows easy access to the power source from a standard computer with a regular browser. This enables unprecedented savings in setup time and provides quality control benefits throughout the equipment’s life cycle.


A3 Mig Welder is a synergic mig/mag welding system for robotics welding applications. In its class, it represents notably high quality standards, as it uses partly the same technology innovations as kemppi’s top-class robotics welding solution, the A7 mig welder.

A3 Mig Welder also enjoys special features for improving welding productivity in robotic applications, for example readiness for using Kemppi’s wisefusion function, which affects the welding arc by making the arc more focused. This gives better fusion of materials resulting in proper penetration, increased welding speed and less distortion on the workpiece.

With total of 90 memory channels for storing welding parameter settings, the A3 mig welder offers great ease of use. Each welding task can be stored in its own memory channel, which can be called from the robot when ever needed. Fast and simple.


KempArc Pulse is a modular pulsed mig/mag welding automation system that offers productivity, flexibility, and much more. By combining the reliable and consistent weld quality of robotics welding with the excellent arc characteristics and fast communication of kemparc pulse, you are able to boost your production to a whole new level. In addition, you are able to unlock the full potential of kemppi wise welding processes for automated welding. They offer additional productivity boost in thin sheet as well as in heavy duty applications.

Kemparc pulse is available both in analogue and digital models for integration with different robotics control systems.


  • Robot interface integrated in the power source
  • Compatible with Kemppi Wise welding functions and processes
  • Fast fieldbus-based communication guarantees integration with all common robot brands
  • Available in digital and analogue models for varied integration possibilities
  • Compact and lightweight wire drive mechanism
  • Remote control options bring flexibility


Increase Productivity With TCS Technology

KempArc Pulse TCS is a unique solution for heavy deposition, High speed welding in mechanized applications. More than just another dual wire welding system, TCS establishes Significant productivity increase for mechanised MIG/MAG welding.


  • Higher Levels Of Productivity & Quality
  • Fast & Easy Setup Saves Time & Money
  • Easy Process Setting & Parameter Control
  • Reduced Heat Input On Thin Sheet Materials
  • TCS Process Can Be Direction Independent